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Nicholas Warr was born in 1945 in Southern California, grew up in Coos Bay, Oregon, where he received his education, graduating on time from Marshfield High School in 1963. He attended Brigham Young University and the University of Oregon before enlisting, at the age of twenty, in the United States Marine Corps.  Warr was recommended for the Enlisted Commissioning Program by his Drill Instructors in Boot Camp. Warr subsequently attended OCS at Marine Corps Base, Quantico, Virginia after successfully passing an intensive “College Equivalency Examination” with high marks.  Warr graduated from OCS and was commissioned in March 1967.

Warr served for three years as an infantry officer in the U. S. Marine Corps, and was honorably discharged in March 1970, as a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War. He immediately pursued a career in sales and marketing. Gaining experience as a service and sales rep for several small businesses in the early 1970’s, catching his first “break” when he was hired by Wang Laboratories in 1975, where he worked as a sales representative in the Los Angeles Branch. Over the following thirty years he was recognized as a significant contributor to the success of several major technology firms, including Wang Laboratories, SoftSolutions, Digital Equipment Corporation, Data General Corporation, Compaq Global Services and Hewlett / Packard Global Services, always achieving his sales and income goals. After 30 years, Mr. Warr retired, but immediately started a small marketing support firm, Stonehill Productions, Inc., which allowed him to help small businesses and organizations grow, as well as pursue the writing and publication of several books about the Vietnam War.

Mr. Warr lives in Auburn, California; he works as a free-lance writer and marketing support consultant, and lectures inside and outside of the Marine Corps on urban warfare and leadership. Mr. Warr is also a member of the group known as Vietnam Veterans for Factual History and is in the process of producing a documentary film about the Marines who fought inside the legendary Citadel Fortress of Huế during the Tet Offensive of 1968.

Mr. Warr can be contacted through his website:https://nicholaswarr.comor via email at

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Military Record and Published Books:

After attending The Basic School and a six-week high-intensity Vietnamese language training course, his first assignment as an infantry officer sent him to the Republic of Vietnam from November 1967 until December 1968.  He served with the 1stBattalion, 5thMarines, 1stMarine Division as a Platoon Commander, Company Executive Officer and Company Commander during some of the toughest fighting of the Vietnam War.

2nd Lt Nick WarrWarr’s unit was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for participation in Operation “HUẾ CITY” during the Tet Offensive of 1968, completing his combat tour in the allotted 13 months. His memoir about his experiences as a Platoon Commander during the fighting inside the Citadel Fortress of Huế, Phase Line Green, The Battle for Huế, 1968, was published by Naval Institute Press in hardcover in 1997 and subsequently in paperback in 1999 by Random House.  Phase Line Greenwas on the Marine Reading List for over ten years, is well read within the Marine Corps, and is often used as a textbook during Marine Corps training for Leadership and Urban Warfare. In conjunction with several other Marines who fought in Huế, Mr. Warr has developed a white paper, entitled Lessons Learned, Operation HUẾ CITYwhich is available to all American military commands, and was studied extensively during the operational planning for Operation IRAQI FREEDOM and subsequent combat operations in the Middle East.

Mr. Warr’s 2ndbook, Charlie One Five; A Marine Company’s Vietnam War, was released in August 2013. This book includes stories experienced by Mr. Warr in combat, as well as the personal combat histories of nearly thirty U. S. Marines who served in the 1stBattalion, 5thMarines during the early years of the war. Mr. Warr’s third book, which is under development, will complete a “trilogy” of books that document the combat history of the most highly decorated Marine infantry battalions during the Vietnam War. Like his 2ndbook, this book focuses on the Marines and sailors serving in Charlie Company, but it also documents many other combat operations and battles involving the other infantry companies of this legendary U. S. Marine infantry battalion.

Mr. Warr continues to write about the battles fought by the Marines during the Vietnam War.  He has appeared on radio and television, including a new documentary film episode about the Battle for Huế City during the Tet Offensive of 1968, on the Military Channel, within their new “Ultimate Warfare” series. Further, the Marine Corps University has developed a decision-forcing course for young infantry leaders in training called “Charlie-1,” based on his experiences as a Platoon Commander during the Battle for Huế.